Preparing your garden for spring and marketing!
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Preparing your garden for spring and marketing!

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner!

Thinking about that BBQ and where to put the paddling pool ready for the kids?

Well, hold on!

Here are some tops tips to get your garden or outdoor space ready for the warmer weather and lighter evenings! These tips are useful if you are planning or marketing your property for sale or let.

Clutter – old children’s toys, weathered furniture, all the items not used anymore should be removed to make the space feel bigger. These can be taken to the local tip, or the council will collect for a small fee. Anything with life still left in it can be put on marketplace or free cycle!

Leaves and weeds – Pull and sweep! Clear all unwanted weeds and leaves that have built up over the autumn/winter months. These are unsightly and can damage the surface under them, whether its lawn or artificial grass.

Patio or yards – Once clear of all the clutter and leaves it’s time to freshen the area up. If you can jet wash the area than great but a brush and some detergent or warm soapy water will do! Elbow grease never lets anyone down!

Grass / Lawn - Let this be a statement piece to the garden. Any areas looking patchy, tired, and full of weeds needs treating. At this time of year, it’s a good idea to give the lawn a rake, clear any loose moss and leaf’s and then air and seed the patchy parts. Wimbledon is just round the corner, imagine centre court in your back garden!

Adding colour – If you’ve navigated your way through all the steps above and still feel energised to go that extra mile then plan and start thinking about some plants and colour to the garden. This adds character and tranquillity to any space. There is so much help online and at your local garden centre so go check out some ideas and get planning your spring garden now! Gardening can also be a great way to unwind and get some fresh air!

Following these steps will help you to create a garden ready for the summer, but importantly make your property much more attractive to a potential buyer or tenant. Clean, well-kept gardens no matter the size are appealing!

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