Renting with pets
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Renting with pets

It’s time to talk about pet friendly properties. Often dividing landlords and tenants, two recent government measures have brought pets to the foreground of industry conversation, with big implications for renting.

As a nation of pet lovers, there is a lot to think about when housing a pet in a rental property. You not only need to keep the property well maintained but also avoid any potential impact on neighbours, and any animal welfare or health and safety considerations that may arise.

Landlords’ biggest reasons for refusing pets in their rental properties include:

  • Damage caused by the pet that are not included in the landlord’s insurance policy.
  • Chewed skirting boards.
  • Scratched doors or furniture.
  • Stained and ripped carpets.
  • Damage to gardens.
  • Pet odours.
  • Pet hair on furniture and carpets.
  • Flea infestations.

As tenants there are steps that can be taken when renting with pets. It is important to invest in the right pet insurance. There are many lifetime cover policies available offering many benefits for tenants and their pet.

Many agents insert pet clauses in assured shorthold tenancies. This in the long run protects the landlord and the property and holds the tenant responsible for keeping the pet in the property.

Pet clauses are guidelines a prospective renter must follow when it comes to pets in your property. A typical tenant pet policy should include the following terms:

  • Clearly state whether your tenants can keep pets.
  • Say whether you allow animals to visit your property.
  • List which animals you are allowing/not allowing in your property.
  • Include a procedure for reporting pet-related damage and any additional deposit you require.
  • Outline the penalties for breaking the terms of your landlord pet policy.
  • Clearly state that the property must be professional cleaned including a carpet clean on check out.

If you are a landlord wanting further information about tenants renting with pets, please contact our office where a member of our team can answer any questions you may have.

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